’agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur.


Laetizia Debain is a photographic artist who works between Brussels and Corsica. She studied during her first year at the Beaux-Arts in Nîmes and continued her studies by studying photography at ENSAV La Cambre in 2017. Currently graduated from a Masters in photographt obtained with distinction at ENSAV La Cambre, she completes her training in 2021 with the aggregation of upper secondary education. 

Fascinated by the Mediterranean, which evokes many tales, imaginary worlds, beliefs... Laetizia wished to approach it by wandering on different islands which compose it.
She began this work in 2019 in Corsica, drawing the portrait of a territory shaped by the passage of time and mysteriously emptied of its inhabitants when the summer season comes to an end.
This year she is deepening her research, travelling to the island of Friuli (Marseille, France), Sardinia (Italy) and Malta, where she found damaged islands, worn out from having been used as military bases, mining sites and tourist resorts.
This year it focused on the Old Canary Asbestos Factory (Cap Corse, France).


Tel: +33 6 73 77 38 02
Mail: debain.laetizia@gmail.com
Instagram: @dlaetizia